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My Young Fire Evangelists

August 29, 2020

The Lord says, "Watch! For in the days ahead I am going to unleash My Young Fire Evangelists. I have been preparing my young ones in secret and I am going to unleash them as I set them on fire to evangelize and reap a harvest among the nations of the earth. I have set my hand upon many youth and young adults; the fire of My spirit has been ignited and is burning within them.

Many have not understood these young ones as their hearts beat to a different drum, but it is "My drum", says the Lord they were born to listen to. Their ears have been tuned by Me to hear the rhythm and cadence of My heart. It is the very beating of My heart they have been created to follow. They do not fit in and they cannot be restrained by religious entanglements. They fight against religious restraints because the arm of the flesh appalls them. They will be armed with My power and strength, knowledge, wisdom, and discernment to break bondages many have not understood.

In the days ahead I am going to meet them in the night seasons and reveal myself to them, they will have angelic visitations, they will waken with new vision and purpose. They will wake with a "first-love passion" to pursue Me with all their heart. The fire of My Holy presence will purge and consume them. They will waken with the unquenchable fire of My heart burning within them provoking them to GO, GO, GO to seek out and answer the cries of the hurting and the lost.

They will break free from the leashes of "religious" confinement from leaders that have tried to hold them back. As they break free and run after Me with a fervency of Spirit, the very wind of My Spirit will blow them into nations. They will "gather, gather and gather" with an unrelenting strength and fervor. They will work alongside My chosen pastors and leaders to "gather and send, gather and send" multiplying workers to be sent as a "living net" into the harvest fields.

A mighty reaping of the harvest will take place as these young Fire Evangelists run with a speed that is unordinary and they will be great witnesses of My passionate longing for harvest. These young Fire Evangelists will seem unbridled and uncontrollable to many religious leaders and many will seek to control them, but they will not be controlled.

These ones will understand the calling of the cross to follow Me unto death of self. They will understand what is means to have newness of life in the Spirit and walk in the power that only death of self can bring. Their lack of self-centeredness will be an example to many. They will run with My fire as I send them, they will run with a sharp sword in their hands. They will run with My words of truth and set captives free. For I the Lord have anointed and appointed these and they will reap many souls for My glory.

They will infiltrate the generations of the young and old, as a mighty military force, they will "rush and plunder" dividing walls of segregation and bring them down to nothing. Fear will not hinder them, elements will not hinder them, for they will have a hatred for distraction. The call and commission for harvest will burn within them and consume their lives.

They will be provoked to seek out the destitute, the lonely, the abandoned and neglected. They will leave the 99 to rescue the ones that are crying out that no one else is hearing. They will scale mountains and hard to reach regions of the earth. They will have ears to hear the crying ones in the hidden places, those who are crying out for a touch of My power and saving strength.

Those who are longing for Me...they will pursue them, and they will find them, says the Lord."

Zanild Abarrane Tsadak-Kohein

Ramah Ministries Int'l

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