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Meet Zanild

Zanild  Abarrane
aka: Cynthia (Cindi) Dexter

In 1981 the Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua ha Mashiach) appeared to me and spoke to me. His heart of love and the holiness of His presence completely changed my life. Over the years it has been a common occurrence for the Lord to just "show up" in a cloud of glory and speak to me in this personal way. Time and time again, the holiness of His presence has consumed me. It has been the desire of my heart for experience Him in the same way that I have in this very personal and tangible way. 

The Lord began to teach me how Revelatory Worship can bring His tangible, holy presence.


His holy presence has absolutely consumed my life. Night and day, wanting to just worship Him, I would be enveloped by His glorious presence. In those times, the Lord healed my heart of past wounds, set me free from mental and emotional bondage and most of all...taught me how worship can bring His Holy tangible presence. He became my “Wonderful Counselor, My Prince of Peace and My Most Precious and Beloved Bridegroom."

One cannot experience the holiness of God's presence...and walk away unchanged.

It is being transformed into His image that we are called.

I began singing when I was very young, studied music and voice in college, then became involved in the music ministry in a local fellowship in 1982. I spent many years as a worship leader, theater arts director, dance ministry director and became involved in various choirs and Christian bands.  It was during the times of leading worship that I began to feel the Lord's heart. I wish I could tell you that it was joy that I felt from Him, but most often it was grief and sadness. Why? Because worship would stop prematurely. We had invited Him to come, we had called out to Him to reveal His presence, but time and time again His Spirit would be hindered and quenched. We would end worship before He was able to reveal Himself in the way that He desired. I cannot express to you in words, how very much it grieved His heart.


He revealed to me that we were never asking Him what pleases Him in worship.

We put together our song lists “assuming” that our worship pleased Him.

This “assumption” is actually idolatry. (Read 1 Sam 15:22,23)

For over 40 years, I have sat beside the Lord in the secret place, this precious place of intimacy with Him, He began to share with me the secrets of His heart. I have had the blessing of seeing as He sees and feeling firsthand His heart's longing for His people and the blessings He had in store for them. I have felt His joy, and have also felt the pain of His heart in grievous intercession, and have wept alongside Him for His people to know Him in a much deeper measure. How He longs for His people to truly seek Him with all of their being, to really know Him as their beloved bridegroom. How He longs for us to let go of everything in this life that distracts us from seeking to “know” Him, and loving Him with our whole heart.  It is into this first love relationship, that He is calling all of us. By knowing Him in this personal, intimate way, we learn to hear His voice more clearly and accurately.


We are living in the days of Ezekiel 34 where the Lord is replacing leaders

in His church. He is replacing the current Levite “man centered ministry to the people”, with Zadok Priests that have an uncompromising spirit that know how to minister to the Lord in holiness, virtue, piety and the fear of the Lord.

I have felt His jealous anger and how His heart becomes grieved in church and worship services when His Spirit is not allowed to freely move and minister to His people. He wants so much to pour out His presence among us, but we must seek Him to bring us understanding and knowledge to see worship through “His eyes”. We must understand His holiness. He is waiting for us to ask Him for His desires, to ask Him what it is that pleases Him.


We must ask Him to teach us “how” to worship (not only in spirit), but honor His desires and seek how to please Him.

Seeking to understand what pleases Him in worship, is the beginning of worship “in truth”. 

John 4:24

The bride that Jesus is a bride that lives to please her bridegroom and is doing all that is necessary to make herself ready for Him. How does the Lord reveal His pleasure? By showing up in all of His splendor and majesty. He longs to pour out His pleasure upon His people. The God of Heaven, The Creator, The King in all His glory and splendor is seeking such to worship Him...and make His habitation “in and among” us. He is searching for those who truly want Him more than anything else.  The trumpet is sounding...the Lord is calling those who will raise the standard to prepare the way for His coming. Jesus wants to reveal Himself but He wants us to want Him. How much do we truly hunger for Him? To know Him, to understand His ways. To know what pleases Him?


When He shows up in the beauty of His holiness, we become completely "undone" in His presence. 

We realize that “He alone” is the revival we are seeking!

We cannot look back or look to others for keys for reformation, we must look to the Lord and ask Him to teach us what brings pleasure to Him. We must seek Him regarding what brings delight to His heart and attracts His presence. Then, as He begins to teach us, we must continue to follow His lead. I cannot tell how crucial this is. Seeking His heart is the answer, and obedience is the key!  We must learn from Him what is holy and also what quenches or hinders the moving of His Spirit. Far too many are looking back to past revivals, reading books, and seeking others before going directly to the Lord and asking Him.


 He will not share the secrets of His heart with acquaintances or those who stand at a distance.

He shares the secrets of His heart, ONLY with His bride.

He deserves perfect praise and pure worship in the "Beauty of Holiness." I live to bring Him the worship that is due to His name. As we allow the very image of Christ to become manifest in and through each one of us, and we become obedient to His desire for change in this hour, we will see His Kingdom established as He has spoken, and His glory fill the nations as He promised. For many years my life in ministry has been to assist Christian leaders calling them back to the teachings of Jesus and their first love relationship with Him. This first love relationship with the Lord is the very foundation that our walk with Christ is to be built upon, without it, we will never be able to lead others into maturity to attain the very image and likeness of Christ.

After 6 years of ministering to God's leaders in Africa, I am blessed to be back in Idaho with my family. Since my return to Idaho the Lord has been speaking to me about establishing family house churches, classes in warfare, and safe houses for close one on one discipleship (alternative rehabilitation facilities) for new believers struggling with their faith, destructive habits, or addiction.

Blessings and Shalom,

Zanild Abarrane

aka: Cynthia M. Dexter (Cindi)


​Zanild Abarrane bat Tsadak ha Kohein (My Hebrew name)

(Zanild mother of many, daughter of Zadok of Aaron)

Nickname: Dance Warrior

Some precious prophecy and words of encouragement given to me over the years.

God is going to give you songs of worship, not the frivolous type, but the deep type that talk about the love, majesty and worthiness of the Lord. You are going to grow in this and as you let them flow, the sincerity of your heart and the Spirit behind them, the Lord is going to touch people’s lives, there's going to be a tremendous impact, people are literally going to come and prostrate themselves before the Lord as you obey God.

Prophet George Rhorig - CA, USA 1982

There is such a purity in your heart. We have been to seminars and conferences on worship, but the Lord is telling me that He is giving you a revelation of worship that is going to revolutionize the church. You just will not settle or compromise, and because of this standard, your ministry is going to go above and beyond anything you have imagined.

Prophetess Judith Ann Glasse - CA, USA 1998

Regarding apostolic territories and regions, you have a universal call.

Apostle S. Woods, Canada 2008

You are going to dance before the Lord and a cloud is going to fill the place. People who have prayed a hundred times are finally going to be healed because of the anointing that is upon you.

Prophet Neil Glasse - CA, USA 1996

I see you starting house churches and bringing clarity to the giftings in God’s people.

Apostle Stephen Grey - CA, USA 2003

The raw Truth of GOD is rare in our day. And so, it is refreshing to read your posts & acknowledge the stand for Truth you've taken. Be steadfast for behold HE Comes.

Excellence Uso, Nigeria 2017

Great revelations, some serious Bible teaching and lessons. Talking to you is like God is speaking to me face to face, I am really encouraged and uplifted.

Richard Owori, Kenya 2021

In a vision I saw you standing on a mountain in Africa, you began singing and the glory of God flowed into the African nations.

Prophetess Jeanette Rose - ID, USA 2013

You have an apostolic call...I see you delivering very "weighty" words.

Prophet Andre Bronkhorst, FL USA 2020

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