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A raw account of what it's really like to be an apostle sent into a foreign land with a mandate from God to bring spiritual transformation and God's glory to a continent ravished by devastation, despair and corruption.

Letter #1

March 31, 2022

Ministering in a foreign country may seem very exciting. We are so eager to shout from the rooftops, "Lord send me!" Standing behind a pulpit preaching, teaching and ministering to God's people, staying in hotels, being catered to and escorted like royalty. Seeing the power of God, casting out demons, hearing the cries of repentance and seeing the power of God changing lives. It is truly glorious, but today I want to share some things with you that you will rarely hear about ministering in foreign countries. I don't want to focus on the pulpit ministry, I want to share with you the reality of what it is like living in Africa and being on an apostolic assignment with a strategy given by the Lord to bring a transformation to a continent.

The first thing I want to share is...it is not a vacation....it is war!

When I am not ministering in the church, I am surrounded in the daily lives of those who live in severe poverty. Lack of money for food, clean water and the most basic of daily needs is scarce. Destruction is everywhere, absolutely everywhere you look. Can you for a minute imagine what destruction looks like and it's effect on everything around you and everything you own? Disorder, chaos and confusion is the norm.


Corruption is everywhere (lying, stealing and manipulation is extremely common) even in those you think you can trust. Note: It is not advisable to think you can trust anyone as people are motivated by sheer desperation. They smile big, are nice as pie...but watch your back and where you lay your wallet. The people are motivated by distress from severe lack, they will lie to your face to gain your trust. The truth is they just simply want to be rescued.


Most Africans see "money" when they see a white person which makes one feel extremely uncomfortable. White people are looked at as idols and saviors. I cannot walk down the street without being approached and overwhelmed by those in need asking for money. I am always accompanied by locals and never left alone in public for my safety. All those around you speak another language you cannot understand, often you cannot communicate. Translation is difficult, the people say they understand you, but you soon realize they don't and your words have been twisted to mean something completely different. Those that desire truth love you, those that don't want truth gossip behind your back (even when they have never met you), witches and witch doctors send curses that swarm around you and some want to kill you. Still sound exciting?


Everyday I seem sad to others as my heart is sorely grieved by the profound needs that surround me. The little that I do as one person, does not seem to make an impact when looking at the overall extent of the needs. It truly overwhelms the heart. Money pours through my hands like water, I never seem to have enough as the needs are continuous. I continually have to remind myself that God is a big God, He is the one who sent me, and with Him all things are possible and He will provide. I do not expect God to rain down food and clean water from Heaven, as He has placed us here as His hands extended to care for one another. Jesus said, "They will know you are my followers by the love you have for one another." Scripture also says in 1 John 3:18  "Let us not love one another with words and with speech, but in deeds and in truth."


I remind myself that "God is with me" when I am feeling out of place and homesick being on a completely different continent. I remind myself that "God is with me" when and I cannot just "run home". I try not to miss my family, my own home, my pets, my friends...I try not to cry, but I do when no one is around. I have to remind myself why I am here...because God asked me, because He sent me. He asked me to reveal the beauty of His holiness in a land that has been forsaken, a land full of death, destruction and despair. A land that needs the life, truth and power of Jesus desperately. He asked me, I said, "Yes!" I will never tell you it is easy because it is complete and utter death to self. Didn't the Lord say that He was sending us out as sheep amongst wolves? That we would be hated, betrayed, spoken evil of for His sake? It's a life of following Jesus, about taking up my cross daily. It is not easy! It's a war for the souls of very precious people!


It's not easy or for the faint of heart...it's work keeping my eyes focused on things above. It is work not allowing myself to be drug down to the enemy's level of despair, fear and torment. It's work pressing into God out of sheer desperation when I wake up feeling like I am being suffocated and buried alive. Yes....I had to fight off demons trying to suffocate me. I have had to fight off the panic and terror that was surrounding me feeling like I was in the very depths of hell itself. Having to continually speak truth over all that was trying to consume me, drive me out of here and make me retreat and go back to America. The enemy was very clear he was not happy that the prophet landed and stepped foot on African soil. It has been an all out war since I landed.


I have experienced firsthand the evil strongholds and demonic territorial spirits that have been controlling the people on this continent. I have experienced the very unseen entities that have captivated the people, the very precious people that have ignorantly given themselves over to idolatry out of desperation and have brought curse after curse upon themselves. These are the precious people that God wants to set free and experience His abundance that Jesus died for.


The truth is this...the enemy is being stripped of his power over the people in Africa. The African people are rising to the call of their beloved bridegroom. They are rising in power, in the very stature and image of Christ, taking back all that the enemy has stolen.

The purpose for my writing is to give others a firsthand example of what ministry is really like in Africa. The needs are truly staggering and overwhelming! Thus far, this Africa Mission has been solely funded by my own funds and by faith. I have not had a church backing me, nor have I had any consistent supporters helping with basic needs. This is not a vacation, far from it. I am here because the Lord sent me to bring a spiritual transformation to the Continent of Africa. Seem daunting? Only if I put my trust in myself. This is not my plan, I am just following the Lord as He sends me.


If you feel a tug on your heart to help, your assistance is welcomed, greatly appreciated and met with sincere gratitude. There is no way I can continue to do this by myself. My complete trust is in God to provide as He has promised me He would when He sent me. Any donations help with food, clean bottled water and the daily needs of the families I am staying with, also travel expenses as God sends me for ministry.


To be continued...in Letter #2 we will talk about the spiritual impact that is taking place and how the demonic strongholds are confronting me face to face. I will also share how I have struggled with asking for donations and what I have found as I have looked into God's word about supporting those that God has called into ministry. It opened my eyes.


Zanild ~

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Letter #2

April, 22, 2022

If you are unaware, Africa is ridden with so-called Christian leaders that are not Christian at all, but they wear the title. Many of these leaders start and build churches to actually take the money and live off the people. They see Christianity as a business to make money, and some of them make lots of it. New houses, nice cars when those that attend their churches live in severe poverty. These are deceived leaders, liars and thieves. But warning!! When you are compelled to live according to God's Word and live in holiness, these types of leaders hate you.

Well, this past week I got pushed out of Kenya by these religious leaders...one pastor said they are a group of demonic leaders. I had been warned by many people who the Lord had given dreams about me. In these dreams I was being hunted down by religious leaders and witch doctors wanting to drive me out or kill me.


These leaders did not like the fact that God was moving in the little church I was ministering in. I had been teaching about rising up and taking authority over the enemy. An envious pastor from another church started a false rumor about me that I was connected with the Illuminati. Seriously??? Another woman thought the anointing oil I was using (Olive Oil, Frankincense, Myrrh and Hyssop Oils) was witchcraft.


Someone told me these leaders had a plan to confront me, they were putting fear into the people. Was I in fear? Absolutely not!! I was ready for a Baal showdown, but for the peace of those around me it was best I leave. The enemy will do anything to target a move of God and stop it.


The good thing though....the enemy drove me out of Kenya and into Uganda right into the hands of other God fearing leaders. I'm now in Kampala, Uganda with a group of uncompromising, on-fire believers. There is a oneness between us that you only find with true believers. These are mature, seasoned believers, that love God and love to worship. I am resting and waiting on the Lord for new directions.

Until next time...



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