My Africa Chronicles

The Raw Truth About Being a "White" Missionary in Africa.

On October 15, 2022, I arrived safely back on America soil.



Since 2016 my ministry has largely consisted of ministering to leaders in Africa sharing with them the Lord's heart to come back to the teachings of Jesus. In January of this year (2022) I flew into Uganda and spent a week having leader’s meetings. I then spent 4 months in Kenya, 2 months in Uganda, then another 4 months in Tanzania. This was not the kind of ministry trip that I expected.


Christian Leaders wanted to kill me and kick me out of their country. Never in my life have I cried out so desperately in anguish to God. The attacks I have gone through have been brutal. Over the last 10 months, I have been shown many things by the Lord about Africa, the people, and why this continent has been marked with such devastation. This trip to Africa has been like a trip to hell itself. The spirit of death and destruction that I have encountered has been profound.


Two years ago God had revealed to me that He wants to bring an Isaiah 35 transformation to the Continent of Africa; and that He calls this continent a “Land of Abundance”. Living here and seeing firsthand what the people, the culture and the land is like…one would not think of or use the word “abundance” by any means, just the opposite. Africa has been treacherously marked with death and destruction.


The following letters are my own experiences. I began writing as I felt strongly the world needed to hear the truth about what is happening on this continent. Being a “white” person from America, I have been treated very differently and have been discriminated against, violently assaulted, slandered, and kicked out of an African country just because of money and the color of my skin.


Fake Christian Leaders

Fake Churches

Fake Orphanages

Fake Mission Projects


White Christian ministers from America and Europe are being targeted through social media and deceived by fake Christian leaders in Africa. Millions of dollars are being given to fake missions projects and it needs to stop! These fake Christian leaders are well-versed in Bible scripture and Christian lingo, they know exactly what to say to emotionally and spiritually manipulate ministers and missionaries. These spiritual victims have no idea entire mission projects are being fabricated and staged. Entire leadership teams in churches are actors and they put on a great performance.

Websites are created that contain fraudulent information, and children from villages are gathered for photos to represent orphanages that do not exist. These photos are then used to emotionally manipulate people into giving donations. Most ministers and missionaries when they do a ministry trip to Africa, do not spend enough time with the people to see the truth, they fly in, preach, pour out money then leave. The fake leaders (actors) are then on a search for their next victims.


Letter #1

Dear Family and Friends,


I can send out photos of myself preaching and ministering in churches, I can send photos of cute African children or photos of those that are malnourished from hunger. I can write about the poverty and devastation, but everyone knows about that. What people don’t know about…is what is expected of foreign ministers/missionaries “white people” and how they are treated.


People don’t know about the corruption, lies and manipulation that is spreading from Africa to different countries. They don’t know about the fake Christian leaders, fake orphanages, fake churches, and the ignorant people in other countries that are pouring millions of dollars into these “fake” organizations every day. God sent me here to see, experience, and expose this corruption.


I have been scammed, stolen from, and manipulated by false leaders to gain money. I’ve had witchcraft used on me, had lies spread about me then gossiped about,  been violently assaulted by the people I am staying with when I stopped giving money, been kicked out of homes, and kicked out of a country.


Today, mission programs are very different than what they used to be. There is so much deception going on it is scary. If you live in another country (or continent), there is no way you can verify who you are sending money to. This is just the beginning my friends. What God has me exposing is much deeper than this.


If you go on a mission trip to pour out money you will be ok….for a time at least. But if you are sent by God with a message for the people…if you are truly sent by God to bring transformation to a continent and you live among the people…watch out, all hell will come against you, you are in for the fight of your life.

Until next time...




Letter #2


What is it like to be sent as a "white" missionary to Africa? I thought about the analogy of how it would feel to jump into a pit of hungry lions…but that is too drastic and obvious…what really happens is MUCH more subtle than that…it’s more like being in a refreshing swimming pool….everything looks wonderful on the surface, but you are completely unaware there are leaches you cannot feel that have latched onto you.


Soon you are physically weak and fatigued as your blood along with every bit of life-giving energy is being sucked out of you. This may sound mean and extreme, but it is the closest analogy that I can think of that resembles the truth. I am forced to hide in my room to get a reprieve from the nonstop overwhelming needs that surround me. I have never seen anything like it.


Do you ever wonder why some countries live in so much devastation in comparison to other countries?

There is a side to third-world countries that is pure evil, and this evil is widespread! Scripture says the thief (Satan) has come to steal kill and destroy. This is the environment the people of Africa live in every day. Their lives are consumed with destruction, lack, and oppression.


Destruction is everywhere. It is prevalent in third-world countries. Wherever we see destruction, it is a clear indication we have opened the door to the enemy. 

Until next time...




Letter #3


Ministering in a foreign country may seem very exciting. We are so eager to shout from the rooftops, "Lord send me!" Standing behind a pulpit preaching, teaching and ministering to God's people, staying in hotels, being catered to and escorted like royalty. Seeing the power of God, casting out demons, hearing the cries of repentance and seeing the power of God changing lives.


It is truly glorious, but today I want to share some things with you that you will rarely hear about ministering in foreign countries. I don't want to focus on the pulpit ministry, I want to share with you the reality of what it is like living in Africa and living among the people on a day-to-day basis.

The first thing I want to share is not a is an all-out war!


I am surrounded continuously by those who live in severe poverty. Money for food, clean water, and the most basic of daily needs is scarce. Destruction is everywhere, absolutely everywhere you look. Can you for a minute imagine what destruction looks like and its effect on everything around you and everything you own? 


Corruption is everywhere (lying, stealing and manipulation are extremely common) even in those you think you can trust. Note: It is not advisable to think you can trust anyone as people are motivated by sheer desperation. They smile big and are nice as pie...but watch your back and where you lay your wallet. The people are motivated by distress from severe lack, they will lie to your face to gain your trust. The truth is they just simply want to be rescued.


Most Africans when they see a white person, they see “money” which makes you feel extremely uncomfortable. White people are looked at as idols and saviors. I cannot walk down the street without being approached and overwhelmed by those in need asking for money. I am always accompanied by locals and never left alone in public for my safety. All those around you speak another language you cannot understand, and often you cannot communicate.


Translation is difficult, the people say they understand you, but you soon realize they don't and your words have been twisted to mean something completely different. You cannot trust for one moment that people are understanding you as they will always tell you they do. Those that desire truth love you, those that don't want truth gossip behind your back (even when they have never met you), witches and witch doctors send curses that swarm around you and some want to kill you. Still sound exciting?


Every day, I seem sad to others as my heart is sorely grieved by the profound needs that surround me. The little that I do as one person, does not seem to make an impact when looking at the overall extent of the needs. It truly overwhelms the heart. Money pours through my hands like water, I never seem to have enough as the needs are continuous. I continually have to remind myself that God is a big God, He is the one who sent me, and with Him all things are possible, and He will provide.


I do not expect God to rain down food and clean water from Heaven, as He has placed us here as His hands extended to care for one another. Jesus said, "They will know you are my followers by the love you have for one another." Scripture also says in 1 John 3:18  "Let us not love one another with words and with speech, but in deeds and in truth."


I remind myself that "God is with me" when I am feeling out of place and homesick being on a completely different continent. I remind myself that "God is with me" when I cannot just "run home". I try not to miss my family, my own home, my pets, and my friends...I try not to cry, but I do when no one is around. I have to remind myself why I am here...because God asked me.


He asked me, I said, "Yes!" I will never tell you it is easy because it is complete and utter death to self. Didn't the Lord say that He was sending us out as sheep amongst wolves? That we would be hated, betrayed, spoken evil of for His sake? It's a life of following Jesus, about taking up my cross daily. It is not easy! It's a war for the souls of very precious people! He asked me to reveal the beauty of His holiness in a land that has been forsaken, a land full of death, destruction, and despair. A land that needs the life, truth, and power of Jesus desperately.


It's not easy or for the faint of's work keeping my eyes focused on things above. It is work not allowing myself to be drug down to the enemy's level of despair, fear and torment. It's work pressing into God out of sheer desperation when I wake up feeling like I am being suffocated and buried alive. Yes....I had to fight off demons trying to suffocate me. I have had to fight off the panic and terror that was surrounding me feeling like I was in the very depths of hell itself.


Having to continually speak truth over all that was trying to consume me, drive me out of here, and make me retreat and go back to America. The enemy was very clear he was not happy that I had landed and stepped foot on African soil. It has been an all-out war since I arirved.


I have experienced firsthand the evil strongholds and demonic territorial spirits that have been controlling the people on this continent. I have experienced the very unseen entities that have captivated the people, the very precious people that have ignorantly given themselves over to idolatry out of desperation and have brought curse after curse upon themselves. These are the precious people that God wants to set free and experience His abundance of LIFE that Jesus died for.


The purpose for my writing is to give others a firsthand example of what ministry is really like in Africa. The needs are truly staggering and overwhelming! Thus far, this Africa Mission has been solely funded by my own funds and by faith. I have not had a church backing me, nor have I had any consistent supporters helping with basic needs. This is not a vacation, far from it. I am here because the Lord sent me to bring a spiritual transformation to the Continent of Africa. Seem daunting? Only if I put my trust in myself. This is not my plan, I am just following the Lord as He leads me.

Until next time...


Letter #4


When you are called of God to bring light into the darkness…those that desire the truth of God’s Word love you and they are few….those that are lukewarm or living in darkness will hate you and come up with a plan to drive you out. Witchdoctors….they just want to kill you because the power of God you bring hinders the demonic powers they use to bring in money. The people have learned to fight for their lives to survive because the poverty and devastation is so great.


Those sent by the Lord to minister the truth of God’s Word without compromise to these countries and regions of the world are in for the fight of their lives. This is NOT even close to being on a vacation….it is an all-out war! Foreign ministers that just come for a weekend conference never see this side of Africa.


Most of them fly in, preach, have dinner, enjoy conversation, preach again then leave. They see the smiling faces, they are treated like royalty, waited on hand and foot, but they never get down and dirty with the people to find out the real issues the people deal with. In order to bring real change to these countries, the root problems must be confronted.


The issues, the root of the problems in these countries are the spiritual principalities and powers that govern the regions. If God has not sent and equipped you to tear these down…take my word for it…DON’T GO! This is not a child’s game…it is not that simple.


Jesus said in John 10:10, “The thief comes to “steal, kill and destroy…” These are the strongholds of bondage the people in Africa live in. Destruction, devastation, severe poverty, starvation that drives people to steal, manipulate, betray and even kill one another out of desperation just to survive.


Until next time…





Letter #5


BIG PROBLEM IN AFRICA FOR MISSIONARIES AND THOSE IN MINISTRY: “White people” are seen as “being rich”. The people are as nice as pie…but don’t turn your back, NEVER take your eyes off your bags, especially your wallet. Being “white” and in Africa means that you are on high alert…ALL THE TIME. Extreme poverty drives people to do some very vile and wicked things and “white people” become the target for manipulation.


The corruption in Africa is off the charts starting at the top. Those in government live in wealth…they don’t take care of the people, they serve themselves and the people are forced to live in severe poverty. Laws to govern the people or keep them safe are very few here. You cannot trust the police; they bribe people for money. The ignorance in the people is dumbfounding, the people just accept what is handed to them. They do not stand up for the truth.


Here in Africa, you are being smiled at, but you soon learn to not turn your back on anyone. YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT TRUST ANYONE! As soon as you step off that airplane, as soon as people see you grab your luggage, the manipulation for your money starts and they will fight each other to get to you. Lying and scheming are going on around you continually. The corruption is so severe here in Africa, the vast majority of African Christian leaders live a life of lies and manipulation.


Being a pastor and having a church is seen as a business to gain wealth while the people are pressured to give offerings and then left starving. These types of leaders are rampant as well as leaders that manifest “false” signs and wonders by using witchcraft. The witchcraft here is unlike the witchcraft used in other countries. The witchcraft in America is child's play compared to Africa. Here they put a curse on you and you die. It is very real and the onslaught can be continuous. Witchcraft is a way of life for many Africans....remember....they are fighting for their lives for just one more meal to survive. Death is very real in the everyday African way of life.


Until next time…




Letter #6


Panic, terror, fear…I would wake up being suffocated…really it felt like I was being buried alive.


Do you know what it’s like to not be able to breathe? It is a horrifying “hell experience”. This went on for weeks.  I had to learn very quickly how to fight in this spiritual climate. Day and night….I fought with the Word of God and I fought with worship. Word curses from witches and witch doctors surrounded me that I could feel. The opposition that swarmed around me went on for months with shorts bouts of reprieve.

I actually got kicked out of Kenya. Yes….you read that right. A couple of years ago I had been warned by the Lord in dreams that witch doctors and religious leaders were going to be after me wanting to drive me out or kill me. Well…it happened this time. 


When I first arrived I was been staying with a family that were “fake Christian leaders”….the house was filled with lies, manipulation, chaos, and disorder. The Lord had spoken to me to not give any more money to this couple I was staying with. As soon as I held the money back…I was shown blatant disrespect. 


The home environment was filled with demons, lying, manipulation, mocking me to my face, and incessantly arguing with me. I would end up retreating to my room to get some peace and worship to get the demons to shut up that were continuously surrounding me. When the people you are around are exuding hatred toward you and mocking the God inside you, it is extremely uncomfortable. 


When a “white” Christian leader comes to Africa to minister, many other leaders in the community get envious and jealous and start slandering and gossiping about the visiting minister. These are people who do not know you and have never met you. They are jealous of those you are staying with thinking you are pouring money into them and the church you are ministering in. This jealousy makes them do crazy things….like threaten your life and drive you out of the country.


Mistranslation is also an enormous problem, you need to watch everything you say. One mistranslated word in a conversation and there is a false rumor spreading through the town about you. Gossip is HUGE. I had to watch myself in Kenya as the “temptation” to gossip was surrounding me, tempting me continuously.


Living surrounded by lies and manipulation, every day I was haunted, waiting for my peace to return to me. The enemy hovering over me telling me…”Anytime, it’s going to happen. Anytime, they’re going to kick you out.” This experience of betrayal can be excruciating. Especially, when you are in a foreign country. You cannot just run home to safety. You cannot run anywhere. You are absolutely forced to trust God. I learned quickly to cling to God out of desperation.


This spirit of betrayal is the same spirit that sold out Jesus for silver coins (money) and sent him to the cross. If you have never experienced it, I pray you don’t! Know this though….when you are sent by God…it is not you they are rejecting and betraying…it is the Lord. They have rejected His Word, they have rejected Him and because you represent Him, you are the target.


Until next time…





Letter #7


During the time in Kenya, the Lord had connected me with three strong, spiritually discerning women and then a local pastor and his elders. Very precious leaders wanting God and willing to learn and embrace what God wanted to bring. There was wonderful unity. I began ministering 3 days a week in this church. God was moving in power….setting people free and they were growing rapidly…learning how to take back what the enemy had been stealing from them and keeping them in bondage. It was an incredibly precious time. That went on for 2-1/2 months then, the story drastically changed.


Just when we agreed I would begin teaching the worship team about true worship in holiness, a visiting pastor came to Kenya with his wife that was also staying in the same house with us. The first day he visited the church, he began handing out money. He began making plans with the pastor and started pouring money into this little church. How could this local pastor resist this temptation? The enemy created a distraction, and the temptation of money to completely stop a move of God.


I noticed as I was ministering about holiness, this visiting pastor and his wife were mocking me, rolling their eyes. After that, I was quickly pushed out of the way and what God was doing came to a screeching halt. It became clear that this couple’s motive was to manipulate to gain money. After the visiting pastor arrived….all was glorious in the house. For them anyway, as all attention was given to this new couple with the money.


After that Sunday, the ministry completely stopped, the anointing was crushed and I could no longer speak with the pastor. All efforts to speak with him got quickly shut down by blatant interference. This visiting pastor began to dominate the local pastor’s time. Before this, the church pastor and I had a very close relationship, there was true unity between us, it was precious and it was God.


That next Sunday in the church service, the indignation of the Lord came out of me like a ROAR. It even scared me when it was coming out of me. It was a strong prophetic warning from the Lord about the plan of the enemy to stop the move of God. It shook the church….it shook me. 


That evening, I was summoned outside to a meeting with the elders, the visiting pastor, and the man of the house. Now it’s 7 against 1…Here I am feeling like I am sitting before the Great Sanhedrin Council, I knew I was OUT!  I am telling myself, “Just keep breathing, don’t let them see you are nervous.” The pastor began to tell me I could no longer come back to the church. He wasn’t clear about the reason, but he mentioned problems arising that he had tried to take care of, but it was out of his hands. The reason was very unclear.


That evening I spoke with the man that was hosting me, He began to tell me there were problems in the local community of pastors. He told me one of the pastors weeks ago had started a rumor about me that I was with the Illuminati. Another woman was telling people the anointing oil I was using was witchcraft. A group of “jealous” local pastors wanted me stopped. The local pastor I was with tried to speak reason with them, but they would not listen.


When a “white” minister comes (remember, they believe white people are rich), many other leaders in the community get envious and jealous. They start slandering and gossiping about me. It was very wicked. I was told these local groups of so-called pastors were filled with demons and they had a plan, it wasn’t good and that I needed to leave for my safety within 3 days. I am now in Uganda waiting on the Lord for new directions.


Until next time…





Letter #8


Hello Friends,

Lots has happened since my last letter, I spent two months in Uganda, I am now in Tanzania. I have lots of writing to catch up on. Since I arrived in Africa in January my hair was falling out (from lack of Protein?), I have lost a considerable amount of weight around 45 kg (100 pounds). My clothes are huge now and falling off me, and I have been physically threatened (again). 


I have been stolen from, manipulated into giving money for families' needs, and then kicked out of homes when I stopped giving. When I have run low on money or when the Lord has told me to stop giving....this is when I see the true motives of the people which has been anger and violence. Note: These are Christian leaders.

The first family I was staying with, I found out they were false Christian leaders and scammers. They target white ministers from America. They send out photos of the church where they were pastoring, and half the people in the church are part of the game. This was a young couple, new Christians (the wife was not even born-again) who had no business pastoring a church. They were doing it all for the money.


I began to think I did not hear God correctly. He confirmed over and over that He did send me...but to expose what has been happening with false leaders in Africa.


Friends...people in other countries are being manipulated and scammed by these so-called Christian leaders. Have you given money to an orphanage in Africa or know someone who has? Have you actually been to this orphanage to verify its existence?  If you are in ministry, have you been invited to minister in a church?


I'm sorry...if you have not seen this ministry with your own cannot believe them. Scammers are rampant, especially through Facebook and social media.  Africans can be very desperate and do some very vile and crazy things because they are utterly desperate and want to be rescued. Have you ever seen the panic in a person that is drowning?  When trying to rescue someone who is drow


There is much, much more to reveal, but I cannot write freely until I leave Africa….which hopefully is soon. Hopefully by now you all see that I am not on a vacation, and I am needing prayer support and those who would donate into the mission the Lord has me on. Worship has been keeping me sane from the onslaught of warfare I encounter.

I did not expect this mission to turn out like this. I was ministering to leaders...then God completely changed direction on me. The anguish I have experienced by the betrayal is beyond words. I will just say this...I will dust off my feet when I leave...AGAIN.

The Lord has revealed to me that the purpose of these letters is to bring the truth about what real missionaries confront and the strongholds that hold the people in bondage. Those in ministry who come for a weekend conference do not see the reality of what the African people face every day. One must be “boots on the ground” living among the people to see the reality of their needs and their spiritual life.


Many of these missionaries pour money into projects but never make real change with the people. The roots of their problems are spiritual and are controlled by the principalities that rule over the regions. I will go into this more later.


Until next time…

































Letter #10


God continually has true servants that are “giving all” for the Kingdom. They are walking away from house and home, family, friends, beloved pets, ABANDONING ALL to go into the harvest field. The problem: these true servants that have laid it all down, most are not even being recognized or supported. Believe me, they do not want to be recognized….but they do need support. The problem…support can be very hard to ask for.  I know, I have gone without food and basic needs because I don’t want to ask. Now I know what it’s like after months to break down and cry because I was hungry.


I look at other ministries and see people donating and sowing into these ministries and I have to ask God…”Am I invisible? Am I doing something wrong? Is there some curse on my life?” I have battled with getting offended. Do all those who know me think I am on a vacation?


I began writing 5 months ago. I felt strongly that people needed to understand the reality of ministry in Africa. They needed to hear it from someone that had boots on the ground and was living among the people. I did not realize until 2 weeks ago what the Lord was having me do. 


A friend said to me, “I see you writing a book about your experiences in Africa. Write it all. What you are going to write is going to open the eyes of people. I see you equipping teams of missionaries and sending them back to Africa. I see you starting a missionary agency that people can trust."


"What you have experienced and what you write is going to turn the hearts of people to support true missionaries again. I see you doing this until you are not strong enough to travel anymore. What you write is going to make a lot of people angry, and many will hate you, but many more will love you.”


Until next time…





Letter #11


Have you ever had a vision and dream but what you see in front of you is the middle of a desert? Looking and all you see is nothing but wasteland and devastation around you.  No refuge and no reprieve in sight. Have you ever felt like you were in the wrong place? Like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole? Your entire being can feel it and you just want to scream violently, “LET ME OUT!”


Maybe if I was out of Africa I would not feel so pressed to write about all that I see that is wrong. By wrong I mean…living in such utter destruction and poverty is NOT the Kingdom of God. Being from America I am used to extremely high standards of excellence in life. Knowing about Heaven and having the understanding that Jesus’ desire for us is to live in the Kingdom here on this earth. To bring restoration to all that was lost; first to the hearts of men in a first love relationship with the father, then living in freedom from the enemy’s lies and destruction.


Honestly, my friends…my experience in Africa has been like living in hell itself. The hand of the enemy is continuously seen everywhere I look and the people fighting desperately to find a way out but are completely unaware of the unseen forces that are keeping them captive.


For what purpose am I here? To expose the lies of the enemy? To expose the lies that are keeping the people of Africa in bondage? To expose the deceit in missionary work, the fake churches, fake orphanages, fake prophets, and apostles. I do not attend churches here…if I went I would violently turn over tables. Maybe writing this book will turn over the tables in a greater capacity.


Until next time…






Letter #12


Why don’t more people speak on this subject? I believe the reason is that most do not spend enough time in Africa to see the truth. Fruit cannot be truly seen unless it is cut open and tasted. This cannot be done from a distance. Other reasons may be:


  • It would expose those involved in the vile corruption. Lies, manipulation, theft, betrayal and explicit local and international illegal acts used against foreign ministers/missionaries…which is rampant!

  • The minister’s safety will be threatened. Often victims will not speak due to fear of retaliation.

  • Foreign ministers/missionaries don’t want to sound negative and they don’t want to look stupid. Often those in ministry think if they tell people the bad things, they will be seen as “not hearing God” and “have missed it” thinking it will mar their reputation in ministry.

  • Showing photos of hungry and starving children stirs emotions and is then used to manipulate people to give. Speaking negatively might hurt their means of support.

  • People tend to think ministry is a “blessing” and only positive. Scripture tells us otherwise (i.e. sent out as sheep amongst wolves, betrayed, forsaken, left for dead, hung, slandered, beaten, and even killed.)

  • Speaking truth is confronting idols and disrupting territorial strongholds over regions and nations. If God has not sent you, you have no business confronting principalities over continents. The attack from the enemy you will not be ready for.

  • Satan wants to kill those preaching truth or at least do everything he can to stop them, which includes threatening them to get them to leave.

  • Most are not willing to “give all” and follow the Lord in this capacity.


Until next time...




Letter #13


Many missionaries come to places like Africa because they want to help the needy. Often this is a big set-up to be manipulated and stolen from. Many missionaries are manipulated out of emotions. They see the photos of hungry starving children, they hear stories, they are swayed emotionally and not by common sense and wisdom. Being led by emotions is how scammers become scammers, they know how to lure ignorant, unsuspecting people through their emotions.


The horror stories I have heard from others about being scammed are very real and they are very sad.  People come here to help the people, but this has little to no effect on solving the real problems. They pour money out, they build and build and build churches, but what they should be doing is teaching the people to build for themselves. Like that saying, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” I’d like to add “feed his family” also.


The problem in Africa is not a lack of money, this is just a symptom of a much bigger problem. The root of the problem is idolatry (from trusting in man) which turns into generational iniquity. Until this spiritual issue gets confronted and dealt with, the problems will remain. Leaders must repent and turn back to a first-love relationship with the Lord.


The corruption is so severe here in Africa, the vast majority of African Christian leaders live a life of lies and manipulation. They look to man to provide their needs instead of looking to God….scripture says to trust in man is idolatry. Idolatry brings curses -->>  Exodus 28 & 29, Jeremiah 17:5 “Cursed are they that put their trust in man.” Manipulation…is witchcraft. 1 Samuel 15:22,23


The people are bringing curse upon curse upon themselves out of utter desperation to just survive. It is much easier to ask people for help….than to cry out to God, repent, and believe Him to provide. The enemy has strategized these curses upon the people of Africa. Look at Africa….it is overladen with curses and has affected the land. People cry out for help from the Lord, but God blesses one thing….obedience through a first-love relationship.


The answer is simple! The leaders are in idolatry, they must repent and turn back to the Lord in a first-love relationship, walk in holiness and live a life of complete obedience to the Word of God.  The people in these countries desperately need to learn the truth that Jesus overcame the enemy and how to fight back to free themselves, their families and their countries. But that is why I am here right?…to bring the truth of God’s word, expose the lies of the enemy and see people experience the freedom that Jesus paid for?


Leaders in church and government must repent and turn back to their first love and the teachings of Jesus. Their lives and ministries must be built upon the immovable, faithful foundation of their first love relationship with the Lord and His teachings. Unless this first love relationship exists and they continue to preach another doctrine apart from Jesus' teachings… they build in vain and their very salvation is at stake AND the salvation of those that follow them.


Until next time…





Letter #14


Giving is a wonderful thing and missionaries continually give out of the abundance of their hearts. The problem: White people are looked at as being rich. This creates a huge problem. Everywhere you go you are looked at as: the answer, the savior, the rescuer (this is idolatry when we trust others and not God). Most people in Africa have no problem asking you for money, even when they don’t know you.


It gets to the point where it feels like people are “hanging on you” out of desperation. The burden gets to be INCREDIBLY OVERWHELMING! You came to Africa to help the people, now you want to hide. Your belongings, people want them. They ask for them. They have no idea all you own anymore is the little you brought with you. Need and lack turns to a spirit of greed and hoarding!


In Kenya, right after I arrived in January, the first family I was with the father left us and was gone for over a month. He did not leave any money or send any money for the care of his family. He left his wife, 4 children and another family member to care for. I guess he just assumed I would care for them. As soon as he returned and I stopped paying for everything and handing out money, this is when they turned against me. The lies, slander, hatred and betrayal started.


During my stay my suitcases had been gone through, things were being taken without asking me. I found out in the very beginning there was no privacy boundaries at all with the people. After I left, I found that my brand new voice recorder (used for recording prophesies and songwriting) had been stolen out of my bags, along with my lapel microphone and Bluetooth ear bud.


Until my next letter,




Letter #15



My basic needs…


  • Food and Basic Provision - The families that I stay with are fathers and mothers with between 3-4 children including family members that live with them, then adding me as an extra person. The families do not have any income. For many of us this is hard to conceive. People here are used to asking others to help them. Jobs are usually non-existent in smaller villages outside the bigger cities.

  • Christian leaders in ministry that host me, their income depends on the offerings they receive, which is next to nothing. Any money they get goes quickly out of their hands to meet the needs of those in the church (food, water, medical needs, funerals).

  • Food At times meals consist only of rice or chapatti (a type of flatbread), and sometimes a type of “greens” that are cut from local plants growing outside the homes. The children drink a porridge that is made from ground Millet. If there is extra money or a special occasion, they will add meat to the meal, but in very small portions and this is rare.

  • Clean Water - The water is contaminated. Visitors need to drink bottled water which is an extra, but mandatory expense.

  • Food for Daily visitors which are usually neighbor children and of course you feed them.

  • Local Internet Service (often unstable, but necessary to remain in contact with civilization) Internet service is extremely unreliable. Connection is not good, and the power goes out numerous times a week.

  • Local Cell Phone (necessary for safety)

  • Transportation: It is rare for people to own cars. If you are brave you can hire a Boda Boda which is a ride on a motorcycle taxi and they are everywhere.


In Kenya and Uganda the prices for everything are much higher now, lately prices are comparable to the prices in America which is very hard to believe. I use a currency calculator all the time when buying things because when they see a white person, they raise the prices.


Extra expenses I have encountered...


  • Funeral Offerings (to help at the local churches I am ministering in). Local people in the villages are required to give.

  • Medical Expenses (doctor’s fees and medication) for those in need around me.

  • Hospital Bills In Kenya and Uganda, if you are hospitalized….you cannot leave the hospital unless the bill is PAID IN FULL. That’s an incredible amount of pressure on families (and all those within reach).


When you are a “white” visiting minister and there is a need in the church they make that need known from the pulpit, loud and clear. The pressure is ON…you feel like all eyes are on you (the white person) to help. After church, you want to just have some time to relax, but there are constant needs with the families…where do they look? You! And believe me, they do not have a problem asking face to face.


Until next time…






Letter #16




I am fervently praying for those I can walk with, communicate with. The Lord had told me that I could not trust anyone in Africa. I know many leaders here, but I am not spiritually connected with any of them (for many reasons). Not having anyone who can hear from the Lord and pray with me has been very troubling beyond words. Everyone around me is concerned with their own affairs and how to promote their ministries. If you are not a part of promoting them, you are useless to them.


When in actuality, the prophet is in the home with them and has the answer to God’s favor and blessings. God knows, God sent them there. The problem is…No one wants to hear about their sin that is keeping them from the blessings of God. The leaders go from humility and depravity…to pride. It’s all a strategic plan from the enemy to keep the people of Africa from God’s blessings.


When ministering to others, understanding their needs is critical. Like Paul said, “I have become all things to all men, that I might win some.” For the last 6 years the Lord has been sending me to Africa and spending time getting to know the people, the cultures, and the spiritual strongholds that influence them.


If you know me, you will know that I hate the enemy. Satan has attempted to destroy my life and kill me since I was 10 years old. Growing up was very difficult.  I came from an extremely abusive home. I had heard many times since I had become born-again that Jesus had given us the victory, but no one taught me “how” so I remained frustrated and defeated in my spiritual life. I lived in chaos and confusion, the enemy making my life “a living hell”. My home was out of order, my children out of order; my entire life was out of order.


I made bad decision after bad decision which created havoc over and over again. When I began to repent, my life remained in chaos for years; I was reaping what I had sown. That reaping can last for years, and so it did with me. I became born again in 1981, but it wasn’t until 2009 that I learned that Jesus had overcome darkness and had given to us ALL power over the enemy. Not some power, but ALL power. It was after this revelation that my life began to drastically change for the better.


The Lord began to lead me to those in ministry that knew how to take authority over the enemy. For the first time being a Christian I was learning to be an over comer. This is what I was teaching the people in Africa. God was moving, people’s lives were changing it was wonderful.


Until next time...





Letter #17


People are not who you think they are. I have learned this….Nothing is ever the way it first appears. You can talk with someone online, you can text and message for years, and still do not know the person. Jesus said to really know people the fruit must be inspected. When you go to the supermarket, you choose fruit that looks good to you.


Every now and then, the fruit you chose, when you cut it open you find it rotten in the inside. You had to cut it open to see the true condition of the fruit. It is the same way with people. I have learned this…it is impossible to know someone until you are around them for extensive amount of time, I am talking months.


I grieves my heart intensely to know that many people are being taken advantage of, they are being lied to and their money is being stolen from them by giving into ministries that are fake. God wants this to stop! Please, if you know someone giving to a ministry or program in Africa, please have them read these letters.


I have had an NGO, a children’s food program in Tanzania since 2019. Last year I found out there was fraud going on and donations were being taken without my knowledge. I tried to close the program for a year. Government officials would not respond to my emails.  Just two weeks ago I found out that the NGO was closed. The people though, were still using the name of my NGO and taking donations.


They built a website and copied much of what was on my site, but they were lying to people telling them they were feeding 250 children a day and 350 on holidays. This was a lie. There are no children coming to the house to be fed. I told these people to take the site down. They refused. I told them it’s because of the lies that God is not blessing the program. They did not want to listen and just argued with me.


Here in Africa even the most sensible things are not understood. Often there is no common sense. So many are so used to lying and cheating, they do not know truth from lies. They are so desperate they don’t want to listen. Now I am keeping my mouth shut. When I challenged them, they got violent with me.


It’s been two weeks and all is peaceful in the house now, but I can tell they want me to leave. They showed great care for me when I was giving out money. Now that I don’t have money to give, they are distant from me. I am left here all day long by myself, often without food. I am expecting God to make a way out of here, I thought it would have happened by now but I am still waiting. For some reason, God still has me here.


Until next time…






Letter #18


The part of being a prophet I do not do well with; is being in someone’s home and the Lord wanting me to bring any type of correction. For many years the Lord has been largely sending me to leaders that are hiding sin, teaching error or are praying for breakthrough and they need correction. I know very well what it is like to “shake the dust” from my shoes and end up being kicked out of their home. Most of the time I left before they could kick me out, I knew I was leaving because my peace returned to me. At that point I knew I was no longer welcome and their ears were closed to what the Lord had to say.


Being in Africa, not having contacts I can trust and the thought of being booted out of someone’s home in a foreign country? I had to battle the fear that was hovering around me taunting me. My trust in God has deepened greatly. Out of utter desperation I was forced to run to God. I had to cling to Him. Never in my 42 years of walking with the Lord have I experienced such desperation.


My life was being threatened, not just by people, but the severe demonic attacks I was facing not just daily, but moment by moment. I would have to run to God in worship just to breathe and not feel like I was being suffocated. I have heard of people that have actually experienced hell…and this is what it has felt like. It was death surrounding and pressing in on me.


I am anticipating and praying God opens a door VERY SOON. I am ready to get on a plane to anywhere….but ONLY as God leads me. This is extremely difficult if God has not told you where you are to go next.


Every day I wait and I hope…asking God “Is this the day you will move me on? Is this the day you will rescue me? Is this the day you will connect me with others to fellowship with?” Time seems to go incredibly slow. I break down and cry often…seeking for some way I can convince God to move on my behalf. I need to see Him move.


Often the air I feel from a cool breeze through the windows or a fan is the only thing that brings me comfort. I sit in this house alone trying to find things to do. I pray, I worship, I read my Bible, I pray again, I worship….I get distracted for a couple hours. Then I look up and I see it again…I am still here as if nothing moved. At times I want to jump up and down and scream as loud as I can.


Questioning again…”Did I not hear you Lord? Did I do something wrong?” He answers me, “No, you are right on track.” Ugggggggh!! Honestly, I try not to complain. I have knelt before Him and wept and wept out of sheer anguish. If I just had the money to leave…but where would I go when God has not directed me?

Until next time...



Letter #19


For the first time I know what it's like to be without food for weeks. Maybe eating once a day...I broke down and cried. I love the feeling of fasting and I wanted to lose weight, but not like this. The family I am with leaves during the day, no food in the house, no contact I don't know where they go. Is this manipulation to get me to leave?


Until next time…





Letter #20



I spent 3 days on a bus from Kampala, Uganda, to Kyela, Tanzania. Three days…non-stop. I was excited to leave Uganda, but after 3 days on a bus…I had regretted I did not fly. When I looked at the map, it looked like a straight shot. Nothing is ever a straight shot in Africa. Everything takes much, MUCH longer.


Here in Africa no one is in a hurry, they are used to moving extremely slow. Being from America where things happen in an instant…WOW…I seriously needed more patience. I began to realize that everything is much slower here because of the lack of knowledge and education.


In much of Africa bread is just now becoming popular. Bread, yes, loaves of bread. The quality is bad and incomparable to other countries. Many of the homes still do not have electricity as electric lines are still in infancy stages. It’s a miracle when the electricity does not go off during the day. Most homes do not have stoves and many still cook outside on charcoal or wood. 


In Kenya, we had gone to the supermarket and I had bought 15 pounds of meat for the family’s freezer. I wanted to bless this family thinking this meat would last a few weeks. The next day the power went out. Four days later the power came back on. 

Often I think…”How is it possible to be on the same planet and there be such a disconnect between countries?”  Most countries in the world are decades ahead in everything. Not years, decades.

Until next time...





Letter #21


I am finally back in America. All of this….for a purpose?


I spent 10 months in Africa (4 months in Kenya, 2 months in Uganda, 4 months in Tanzania). I have personally been a victim and witnessed financial fraud, emotional and spiritual manipulation, bribery, destruction of personal property, and theft (electronic equipment and laptops). When I stopped handing out money I was slandered, then verbally and violently assaulted and kicked out of homes. I was targeted wherever I went because I was a “white” American.

What I have seen, heard, and personally witnessed is shocking. There are millions of dollars have been poured into fake mission projects. Fake orphanages, fake churches run by fake pastors. These fake pastors connect with kind-hearted people from America and Europe, sending invitations to Christian ministers inviting them to come minister and scamming them through the entire process. Many Christian ministers are being invited to minister in churches in Africa. Many of these pastors are professional scammers. They know the Bible and they know exactly what to say. Just yesterday I met a woman that had given $300,000.00 to scammers. This woman was devastated. How many others are giving to fake mission projects?

I have been a missionary and a minister to Christian leaders in Africa since 2016. I have witnessed extensive financial fraud in the name of “Christian Ministry” and missionary projects (fake pastors, fake churches, fake orphanages). The manipulation is so cunning, even those who have been in Christian ministry for decades are most often clueless that they are being manipulated for their money.

These fake Christian leaders are well-versed in Bible scripture and Christian lingo, they know exactly what to say to emotionally and spiritually manipulate ministers and missionaries. These spiritual victims have no idea the entire project is being fabricated and staged. Websites are created that contain fraudulent information. Village children are gathered for photos to represent orphanages that do not exist. These photos are then used to emotionally manipulate people into giving donations.

Most ministers and missionaries from other countries do not spend enough time with the people to see the truth. They fly in, preach, visit some starving children, pour out money then leave. The fake leaders are then on a search for their next victims. Most Churches in Africa are businesses, they are formed solely out of desperate attempts to serve as a bailout/rescue from severe poverty: fake pastors are running fake churches and there is no one holding them accountable. I am convinced of one thing...Going to Africa was not an accident. God wants to bless the people of Africa...but the corruption needs to be exposed. Christian leaders need to be held accountable and lawlessness needs to be confronted.


The African people desire freedom and success in life. They are very hard workers, but we must stop treating them like disabled children that cannot help themselves. We feel sorry for them and want to help them, but we are not addressing the issue properly. The people of Africa need to be treated with respect and respect means they must be held accountable for their own actions. The wages of sin is death...when we continue in our sin....we continue to reap the negative effects. It is time we stopped enabling the people of Africa in the cycle of destruction. It is time the cycle of destruction was stopped!


What is next? I am not sure but I have some ideas.


If you would like to help stop the corruption in missions, please contact me at

Blessings & Shalom,



Letter #9


I cannot share all that I have seen and heard...I have learned that I am being watched, so I need to be careful what I write for now. Last week I was violently assaulted physically because I did not agree to buy some property. (I had thought maybe the Lord would use this property for the ministry vision.) The gossip and slander that went around the village was crazy. All because of money!


I could not go outside the house. I am staying inside the house and keeping my mouth shut. I was told by a prophet recently that he saw the hordes of hell were unleashed against me. 


The people who violently assaulted me are the people I am staying with. Try going to sleep when spirits of murder are surrounding your bed. I am waiting on the Lord and believe me, it has not been easy knowing that those you are with, who you thought were God fearing Christians, have turned against you because of money.  There is an incredible lack of respect for God and those He sends to bring truth and freedom to the people.


The African leaders invite you because they believe you are rich...then when you stop pouring money out...they turn, and you see the real motives. It is truly heart-wrenching! I am just waiting for God to give me direction, open the door, and provide the funds to travel.​ Finding support with the Africa missions has been extremely difficult. I continually watch as other ministries ask and receive donations. I watch how other ministries are supported financially and I shake my head in unbelief. I have never pressured people to give, in fact I absolutely hate asking.


I have fasted, prayed, fasted again for answers as to why it seems I am invisible to those that know me and are aware of the call on my life to African missions. I have been coming to Africa since 2018. It's not like I just started this ministry. Why is it that those around me seem unaware of my need for support. Is it because I don't pressure them like so many Christian leaders? I know what it is like to break down and cry because I was hungry. I get tempted to get offended. 


Until next time...


May God Bless You!