Worship Altars

​Worship Altars are all about Worship!


A Worship Altar is an open "set-apart" regional center that is

dedicated solely for solemn assemblies of worship.


A Worship Altar is an answer to prayer for those whose passion is to worship 

the Lord free from all distractions, hindrances and agendas.

The Altar does not have church services. The gathering of believers

for teaching, preaching and fellowship is in a seperate meeting place.

The Altar is strictly for worship!


Is a Worship Altar a House of Prayer? 


Yes and No!


The house of prayer that Jesus spoke of is not a building....

the house of prayer is us. The more we become conformed into the very 

image of Christ...the more His desires become our desires. 

We become consumed with Him, thus prayer and intercession become 

a direct manifestation of His heart in and through us.


We are His house, God's temple, the desired dwelling place of the Most High.


We are the bride of Christ coming together without agenda to worship Him, 

to lay our lives before Him, to give our lives without reservation, to seek the 

desires of His heart and worship Him in the beauty of holiness.


We are counting the cost, giving of ourselves freely, making ourselves 

ready, being transformed into His image, the Bride that Jesus longs for.


We gather to worship Him, seeking His heart, allowing His Spirit to move 

freely among us, desiring to simply give to Him the glory due His name,

and prepare a place for His holy, abiding presence in and among us.

Is the Lord speaking to you to establish a Worship Altar in your city?
Contact Us!
Our prayer is that you would come to know God as the wonderful loving father that He truly is. That living in His presence and pleasing Him would become the driving force of your existence. Knowing that your relationship with Him, is the very foundation He desires His church to be built upon. We pray your utmost pleasure, would be Him.
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