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At the beginning of the dream, I was standing at the entrance of what looked like an old, military camp with canvas tents along both sides. I looked up and there was a sign that was lit up and read “ZADOK”.

As I looked at this sign, I first thought it was made of lights, but as I looked closer it was actually made of jewels, reminding me of the jewels on the breastplates of the Levitical Priests. I began to walk down the road between the tents, no one was there, it looked vacant. It was almost dark, like dawn or dusk.

As I came to the end of the road, all of a sudden I heard a loud, thundering sound. I went into one of the tents. It was dark, but I could see chairs and tables, it looked like military war strategies had once taken place in this tent.

This loud thunderous sound was getting louder and coming closer. Through a crack in the tent door, I could see a group of huge white columns (pillars), moving in my direction. I don't know how many pillars there were, but they were arranged in twos, I couldn’t see past two sets. The pillars were connected in twos and when they moved, they moved “as one”. As it moved, it thundered. The pillars stopped right in front of the tent I was in.

Suddenly, a light ray (like a tracker beam) shot from out of the pillars and came directly to me inside the tent. It grabbed me in the middle of my chest and the holiness of God burned into my heart, then pulled me in among the pillars. After it grabbed me, I saw the name written with fire in the air, “Zanild”.


Then the ray of light went back into the tent and grabbed someone else (they were right next to me, but I was unaware anyone else was in there). The light ray again grabbed this person and when it did, the name was written with fire in the air, “Hanild”. It then pulled this other person amidst the pillars.

On top of these pillars was a brilliant fiery glow, these pillars were carrying the very presence of the Lord.

Zanild Abarrane Tsadak-Kohein

Ramah Ministries Int’l

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