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"I saw the enemy rendered powerless over entire cities and regions of the earth; as the Lord’s holy presence through worship, untainted and untouched by man filled these places."

I believe I was seeing…

· Habakkuk 2:14 "But [the time is coming when] the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea."

The following are visions and the partial details of a war strategy given by the Lord for an unprecedented move of God's Spirit through worship. I have shared here only some of what the Lord has revealed to me, but there is much, much more that I have not yet been released to share. The strategic details of war are never openly conveyed ahead of time. Those that run ahead hastily, become casualties of war. This move of God is strictly about in-the-moment obedience to the moving of God's Spirit through worship. Not all are called and not all are chosen.

One cannot experience the Holiness and pure love of God's presence and walk away unchanged. The holiness of God's presence is the answer to absolutely everything the church has been looking for in “revival”, everything from repentance, maturity in God’s people, to evangelism. Unless Christ is present and leading us, we labor in vain. We have known this, but we have lacked the knowledge of “how” His presence becomes manifest "in fullness" among us.

The Lord began teaching me about Zadok Revelatory Worship and the ministry of the Zadok Priests function close to 40 years ago. He began teaching me what pleases Him in worship, what brings His presence, and also what hinders and quenches the moving of His Spirit. Understanding what hinders and quenches the moving of God's Spirit in worship is absolutely critical. I cannot emphasize this enough!

The following is a vision and a prophetic war strategy regarding a move of God that is critically detailed, and completely dependent upon the adherence and obedience to the moving of God’s Spirit in worship. This vision is based upon the war strategy given to King Jehoshaphat by the Lord in 2 Chronicles 20:15-22.

· King Jehoshaphat appointed singers to go out before the army, and as they begin to sing and praise, the Lord sent ambushments against their enemies and they were struck down in defeat. 2 Chronicles 20:15-22

First Vision

1999 - I was seeing a team of worshipers. As they flowed in worship smoke rose from them and ascended straight up into the Heavens towards God's throne. All of a sudden there was a lull in the worship and all went silent. The worshipers became uncomfortable in the silence and began to think of ways to push through by coming up with ideas to fill the silence by speaking and searching for new songs to sing. As they continued, I saw the smoke that once ascended "straight" up to God's throne...the smoke began to detour off to the side. As this happened the Lord spoke to me, "Witchcraft!"

End of 1st Vision

2nd Vision

2013 - In this vision I saw a small team of worshipers. My attention was immediately drawn to their stillness and intent focus on the Lord; seeking, listening, wanting to hear and be taught of the Lord “how” to worship in a way that pleased Him. They were waiting with ears pressed to His heart for one reason only…to be taught by Him and to hear and receive the sound of worship in Heaven. They wanted to hear “in the moment” what would please the Father in worship. They would not make a sound until He led them.

One by one they begin to play or sing. Soon they begin to flow together. He was teaching them to flow “as one” being led by His Spirit. The atmosphere was holy as He led them into an encounter filled with His majesty, splendor, and holiness. The fear of the Lord was present and intense unlike any prophetic worship we have seen.

These worshipers were Zadok Priests (Ezek 44) being taught by the Lord Himself how to minister to Him and please Him. As the Lord taught them moment by moment how to minister to the Father in the beauty of holiness, the Lord began to bring “new songs and new sounds” directly from His heart. These songs that were released were the Lord’s voice into the earth. It was His voice, His spirit, the very sound originating from the heart of the Father being released into the earth. What marked these worshipers as different was their "intent and undisturbed focus".

I saw Him fill these prepared vessels and use them as reciprocal conduits and come to rest as a habitation in them. As they flowed “as one” in worship…His presence became stronger…then…He came, His Holy presence and the atmosphere of Heaven filled their midst.

When this happened, I saw two things simultaneously...

· I saw the Lord’s presence fill entire regions and cities.

· I saw Satan “rendered completely powerless” in these places.