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Close Enough to Hear


For months it has been continuous weeping before the Lord, my chest on fire burning within me as I sit beside Him in the secret place and feel His heart. The anguish I feel in intercession while I sit with Him has absolutely overwhelmed me. Weeping night and day, many sleepless nights.

There is a tremendous urgency within me for the bride to ready herself by coming close to hear His heart, but so many leaders are oblivious thinking, "all must be well with God" because they are so busy in ministry. Because of this are missing what God is saying!

You wonder what the "new thing" is that God is doing? You wonder how God is going to move to bring awakening? You wonder how God is going to bring His holiness and the fear of the Lord back to the church? God has been speaking, the Bridegroom has been calling, many of you have been too busy you missed it. In fact, many of you leaders have missed the call of God for an appointed time because the call did not come the way you expected.

You wonder what the Lord has planned for His people to bring awakening? You say there is coming a move of God, but you cannot explain what that move is going to look like? You prophesy God is going to do "something"? What do you mean "something"? Why is it that you don't know what God desires to do and "how" He wants to do it?

You declare that God is removing the old wine skin and bringing new wine? Let me tell you something about a wine skin....a wine skin does not need to be has not been cared for properly! When you were born again, you received a new wine skin. Now, God is going to give you another one? This makes no sense whatsoever. Think about that for awhile.

You are a leader and you are supposed to be leading. If you don't know where you are going, how can you lead?

The reason you do not know, is because you are not close enough to His heart to hear, and/or when you come close, your motive is something other than to seek ONLY His desires. We cannot fool Him, He sees the motives of the heart. The Bridegroom will "only" share the secrets of His heart with those whose motives are pure, and have proven to be trustworthy.

The LORD confides in (shares His secrets with) those who fear him;

he makes his covenant known to them. Ps 25:14

Others have allowed jealousy and pride to get in the way and refused to pass the baton in ministry to another leader. Some of you have missed the cloud, it has moved on without you. Not only did your misguided actions affect you, but many others were affected also. You have been counted among the sleeping virgins. You think that just because God loves you He is not going to let you miss an appointed time? What Bible are you reading my friend? The choice is ours to count the cost and make ourselves ready.

There are some leaders reading this right now that are compromising the Word of the Lord as to not offend people in your fellowships. God has put a hunger in you for His truth and His power, but you are compromising and not teaching His people for fear that they will be offended and leave. You are riding on the fence financially and are being controlled by organizational numbers. You need to repent!

There are others that have put ministry before everything else, even hearing His heart. Your once wholehearted desire for the Lord to have "His way" has turned into "works" in the name of ministry. The Lord has been upon you to let go of the past, and move on into the new but you have adamantly refused. You have even preached repentance regarding dying to the flesh, but you are walking in hypocrisy. You have placed "ministry" above the desires of the Lord's heart.

The Lord wants His sheep fed the purity of His Word. He hates evil, He hates lies, He hates lukewarmness, He hates compromise and mixture, He hates anything touched by the enemy. Jesus died to bring the purity of Heaven to us, BUT He will NOT mix His holiness with deception. Leaders are to be blameless. Leaders are to represent Christ, His very character and image! God is not putting up with hidden sin anymore in His leaders.

There is nothing dearer to the Lord's heart than to have a first love relationship with each one of us. Without this foundation of relationship with Him, everything else will be "off" and built in vain. If we are truly sitting with Him in the secret place we will hear this desire from His heart. If we are truly sitting with Him in the secret place, we will hear of His plans, His strategies for revealing Himself that all would come to know Him in a first love relationship. This consumes His heart!

Many are expecting a great harvest to take place. Let me tell you something, the Lord will not send you a harvest, if He cannot trust you to care for the lambs properly. He is a very protective and wise father. If you have been praying for increase and it hasn't been happening...something is wrong and the problem is not with God.

Most often the issue centers around your first love relationship (often your lack of), or you have gotten away from the teachings of Jesus and what He instructed us to teach regarding the Kingdom using the first disciples/apostles as our examples. There are Kingdom keys within those scriptures that explain to us "how" the church is supposed to function. If we do not seek His heart, and DIG, we will miss them. Thus why we have the problems in the church today.

Evangelism is NOT manipulation! If you feel you need to coerce people and come up with some "idea" to get people come to your have just entered into manipulation and manipulation is witchcraft!! God is the one who adds...not through the flesh of man!! Read Acts 2 & 4 where God added thousands.

If you are seeking Him as a bride's first love, the work of the cross (dying to self to attain His character and image), seeking the perfecting of His kingdom (within you), and teaching/preaching His original teachings and not adding to them, He will add.

If you are a leader and have read this, you are now accountable, you are being warned through this very letter. Why such harshness? Because many of you have not been listening or you are resisting God's correction. God loves you but your days are numbered and know this: Resistance to His correction, is rebellion! You will give an account for all you have said, done and the people you have led.

Truly, if you do not know what God is doing, and HOW He is doing it...please step aside and let those who do know, lead the people of God.

May we all live in the fear of the Lord, embrace His correction, and seek the wisdom that He so generously gives!

Matthew 7:21-23, Mark 12:30, Rev 2:4,19, Acts 2:40-47, Acts 4:32-35, 2 Cor 12:14

By, Zanild Tsadak Kohein

Ramah Ministries Int'l


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