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Building According to the Lord's Heart

God is on the move to bring about major change in the way that we are used to "doing church". It is imperative that we are hearing the heart of the Father in these times for His Kingdom to be established as He has designed..."On Earth as it is in Heaven". We need to learn to embrace God's Word no matter how it comes. Whether it is an encouraging word or correction, it is all necessary to bring about humility and maturity in our lives and ministries to make ready His Bride. Not just being hearers, but seeking always to understand through His wisdom and being obedient to make the necessary changes He requires. Our goal as leaders should be to first and foremost live a life that exemplifies a passionate first love relationship with the Lord, listening continually with our ear pressed to His heart seeking ALWAYS His desires above our own. Dying to our self-seeking ways and living in pursuit of the cross, continually seeking Christ to be manifest in and through us. It should no longer be "us" but Him seen in our lives. Jesus as "The Word" being alive and taking preeminence in all we say and do. Unless we build according to His heart, we will labor in vain. The Lord has been very grieved with leaders building on assumption and their own wisdom. Churches are failing, leaders are encountering great distress and God's people have been neglected. The Lord's Spirit has been quenched and grieved because His heart has not been sought, the moving of His Spirit has been hindered, and His words of correction have not been heeded. His leaders have been leading according to assumption, and not obedience. He has been faithful to send His prophets, but their words of warning have been diluted and discarded. We must be willing to obedient at all cost.This requires seeking the Lord's hearts desires above all else. We must learn to build according to is His heart! He requires a first love relationship, He is a jealous God and He is seeking a single-eyed, passionate Bride that has one desire...Him! To know Him, His desires and to please only Him! When looked upon, the Bride should be, a "mirrored reflection of Him! God's leaders, we have a great responsibility! It is time to put away our desires and seek "only" the desires of the Lord's heart. Church leaders have been building "in vain" and this must stop! If we as leaders are not seeking the Lord's heart first and foremost in the secret place, it is time to step off the platform and let those who are hearing take the lead. Leaders Take Note!

If you are not seeing the fruit that you know is possible in ministry, this is a critical sign you are not hearing accurately and/or being obedient to how the Lord is leading. It is far better to step aside, seek counsel, than to forge ahead in pride and assumption continuing to grieve the Lord's heart.

We must live in the fear of the Lord and walk in all humility. He is holy and we will give an account.


Zanild Abarrane Tsadak-Kohein


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