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Are we longing for the Lord to be manifest among us...not in part, but in His fullness?

The fullness of who He is, His presence revealed among us, is the revival that we are really seeking.

Only when we experience Him in one on one personal encounters, does He begin to fill our every need, our every desire.

He is waiting to be invited...not in part, but in His fullness. In order for this to happen we need to meet Him on His terms, He is the one who is holy. He alone is the one who has all wisdom. He alone is God.

Who are we to think that we "know" Him?

It is time to set aside our ideas, our beliefs, our worship songs that we think please Him, we need to set aside everything regarding who we think He is.

2 Sam 5:14 "To obey is better than any sacrifice. Disobedience is rebellion and the sin of witchcraft, assumption is as idolatry."

We must hear Him, and obey!

Just because it brings pleasure to us, does not mean that it pleases Him. It is time to seek to learn from Him anew. It is time to come before Him with an open heart and empty hands, desiring "only" to know His desires and learn from Him what pleases His heart.

Mark this..."You will know His bride...She is the one whose heart is utterly consumed with one please her bridegroom".

She is not arrogant in thinking she knows what pleases Him...she does not assume she knows Him, she is bathed in humility and seeks passionately to learn from Him.

She will be the one who reflects His glory, His image, His heart. His Kingdom manifest in us and through us.

To desire to please Him is the beginning of the worship "in truth". We must be willing to learn from Him, worship that pleases Him.

When worship pleases Him...He inhabits our praise and reveals the fullness of His glory and splendor in and among us. We become "undone" in His Holy presence. We cannot help but "bow" in reverence before the King.

He searches the earth...for those who are desiring to worship "His way", worship that truly pleases Him. We must ask and be taught by Him. He waits to lead us into the "purity of truth". truth, we must seek to know, and please His heart.

The hard question is...Are we willing to let go of what we think we know? Are we willing to seek and allow Him to reveal to us who He really is and what brings His abiding, holy presence? The "revival" that we have been seeking...hinges on this very question.

We may have glimpses by tasting of His goodness, but we will never be fully satisfied until we have the fullness of His holy presence abiding with us in habitation. We are made to be His temple, His resting place, satisfied Him.

Zanild Abarrane Tsadak-Kohein

Elohai Conservatory of Worship -

"Teaching Zadok Revelatory Worship"

© 2015

Ramah Ministries Int'l

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