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~ Welcome and Shalom ~

~ Ramah News ~

Do You Love Worship?

Are you a worshiper, musician, singer, dancer and you have a vision for a move of God through worship? Read the vision the Lord gave to Zanild about the Zadok Priests God is calling to bring an unprecedented move of His Spirit through worship. God is gathering teams of worshipers to send into cities and nations. This could mean you!


Ramah Leaders Council

Join us for teaching, encouragement and support through networking, local fellowship, conferences, relaxing and edifying leader's presbytery retreats and more.


~ Prophetic News ~

An unprecedented move of God

through Revelatory Worship!


God is saying...

"I long for you to know what brings the

fullness of My Presence,

I desire for you to understand what

pleases me in worship.

Allow me to teach you the kind of worship

that I long to inhabit.

I long to reside with you and in you,

but you must learn

what hinders the moving of my Spirit, you

must learn what I regard as "holy" in worship.

I created you to be my dwelling place,

my habitation. Seek me to prepare the way

for my abiding presence!"


We must be willing to obey the Lord!!


Not only does the Lord want His presence known throughout the earth, but ​He wants

to dwell with us in habitation!

We willl see and unprecedented move of God

through worship if we are willing to

hear and obey.

We must have ears to hear what the Spirit is

God is saying, He knows how to please the Father in worship.

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Kyela Office

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Tanzania, Africa


Ramah Ministries Int'l

Leading God's people into the purity of holiness.

Bringing the ark back into the temple.

Ezekiel 44:15,23
     1 Chron. 22:11-19