Simba's Pride

Children's Refuge
Village Outreach & Feeding Program
Kyela-Mbeya, Tanzania Africa

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What you have done to the least of these, you have done to me. Matt 25:40

Who We Are & What We Do
Village Resource Center
Through our resource program we provide the needy with food, clothing, school uniforms, and educational supplies for children.  Our home is always open, we cook daily and are always prepared to feed the hungry that stop by for a visit. Our regular visitors are usually hungry children that come from neighboring villages. Our mission is to care for the needy and help break the poverty cycle by teaching local families to become self-sufficient by growing their own vegetables, raising Chickens (for meat and eggs) or growing Moringa Trees.

Widows Assistance


Many times we find 70-80 year old widows caring for very young grandchildren. We help care for the children, bring them food, clothing and school supplies, assist the widows with daily needs and give them lots of caring, friendly support and companionship.

How We Started

Hi, my name is Zanild Abarrane. In 2016 I was invited by a pastor to minister in Tanzania Africa. We had heard for many years through news media in America that HIV and AIDS was extremely high in parts of Africa. What the media does not tell you, is that children are losing their parents to these diseases and are often left with elderly grandmothers to care for them. These grandmothers barely have enough food to feed themselves and at times go days without eating. The hungry children will wander the villages in a desperate search of food. They are often found in the local garbage dump looking for a meal. We have seen children as small as 3 years old at the garbage dump searching for food. I was compelled to do something. In August of 2019, we obtained our official Tanzanian NGO charity corporation status. The rest is history!

A father to the fatherless, and a defender of the widows,

is God in His holy habitation. Psalms 68:5

Zanild Abarrane Tsadak Kohein
Founder & Director

Known as a "Mother to Many"...She has six grown children, seven grandchildren and over forty-five years experience working and caring for children of all ages in the educational system and childcare settings. She has a background in Administration, General Office and Retail Management, Bookkeeping, Teaching, Counseling, and Pastoral Care. She is a Music and Fine Arts Director, and Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. Her spare time is usually spent doing extensive research on Preventative & Functional Medicine (finding the root cause of disease) and teaching how to prevent and heal the body through wisdom and adequate nutrition.

Anna Shija Mwakatoto
Community Resource Officer

Kind-hearted and cares deeply for others and knows firsthand the struggles that the people of Tanzania face daily. Anna is extremely patient, loves children, has a very strong entrepreneurial spirit and is driven to make a change. She has a background in Travel & Tourism, PR, Marketing and is a former business owner. She has a beautiful 8 year-old daughter, both currently live and are natives of Kyela-Mbeya, Tanzania, Africa.

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Ways to Help!
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Food - We are in continuous need of food. We cook daily and feed hungry children from our home and take food to local widows in need.
Clothing - $30.00  Includes 2 shirts, 2 pants/shorts or 2 dresses,  undergarments, 2 pair socks, shoes, and a sweatshirt for one child.
School Package - $45.00  Includes school uniform (shirt, pants or skirt, sweater, socks, and shoes), backpack, pencils, pens, eraser, workbook, lunch box and hand sanitizer.
General Fund - Donations to our General Fund provide medication and emergency medical needs, clean water, transportation, school tuition and other basic needs. 
SPCR Home & Office Location
Nkuyu, Mafulasopo
Kyela, Mbeya, Tanzania

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Simba's Pride Children's Refuge is a Non-Profit/Non-Government (NGO) Organization registered in the United Republic of Tanzania and The State of Idaho, USA

NGO #R-0548    EIN #47-4268677   ID #C204511

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