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The Foundation Heresy

January 28, 2021

Jesus words, His teachings, His life and His ways are the purest examples for ALL believers.

Jesus told believers to "Follow Him" He has NEVER changed this!

The biggest and core problem in the church today?? The answer is VERY simple...We have gotten away from the teachings of Jesus.

This close "relationship" with the one and only foundation in our spiritual life.

Paul spoke of this relationship--->> Eph 2:20 The foundation of the first apostles and prophets was and is still the "relationship" they each had with Jesus. Jesus left all to live and walk among the first disciples. Absolutely everything He did was an example for us today.

NOTE: (the foundation is NOT the teachings of all apostles and prophets. This teaching is has exalted man.)

There is no other foundation, except relationship with Him.

Think: How can you be a bride...without a passionate loving one on one relationship with the bridegroom? You can't! He MUST be our first love!!

The very simple answer to everything for us in our lives AND the functioning of the personal relationship with Jesus and following His teachings!!!

He, not men, will lead each of us into all truth.

Then...we will see true maturity (the character of Jesus in believers), through the knowledge of the son of man (by relationship); love for one another (transformation) and the unity of the faith. Eph 4

Christian leaders....Jesus is calling us to GO BACK to His teachings!!!


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