The Blessing of the Goad

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

July 10, 2015 Ever get irritated with some people? Do some people or leaders ever make you feel uncomfortable? If so....listen up...they might be carrying a goad.

I know that people can get very irritated with me at times...I have this uncanny way of tipping boats and just generally getting "all up in your stuff". It's not something that I do is this wonderful, bride preparation anointing that I carry. Sometimes people don't even like to be around me. Why? Because there is something the Lord is usually targeting that needs to be addressed. Often without words, those around me will become uncomfortable. Why? Because the Lord is provoking them to perfection and maturity in Christ. Many times I will just want to join in a friendly conversation and the next thing I know, the room has cleared..I may not see with my eyes what is happening, but something is happening in the spirit realm. The Lord is targeting something in someone, and He wants it addressed. In the hour in which we live it is imperative that we make ourselves ready for the is up to us. Rev. 19:7 "Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready.” When we look at the account of the Ten Virgins we see that 5 were ready, and 5 were not, they even fell asleep. Look!! The Lord cares about us so much that He will send people into our lives to "wake us up", "provoke us to maturity", "help adorn us" to get to where we need to be in preparation for the Bridegroom. Many times we have this preconceived idea that God only uses the pastor and/or leaders inside the four walls of their church. Not so! The Lord is everywhere and He will bring someone across our path. The body of Christ cannot be contained behind four is everywhere we go.

"What is an ox goad / oxgoad in the Bible?" Otherwise known as a Cattle Prod. Answer: An ox goad is a wooden tool, approximately eight feet long, fitted with an iron spike or point at one end, which was used to spur oxen as they pulled a plow or cart. It often had an iron scraper at the non-pointed end to clear clods of earth from the plowshare when it became weighed down.

The ox goad is mentioned only once by that name in the Bible, in Judges 3:31. Shamgar, one of those who judged Israel, killed 600 hundred Philistines using only an ox goad for a weapon. Shamgar’s use of an ox goad shows how low the men of Judah had been brought at that time by their oppressors. Later, Israel was disarmed to the extent that “not a shield or spear was seen among forty thousand in Israel” (Judges 5:8).

Ecclesiastes 12:11 refers to a goad, which is synonymous with an ox goad: “The words of the wise are like goads, / and like nails firmly fixed are the collected sayings; / they are given by one Shepherd.” In this verse, a comparison is made between the Word of God, its doctrines, and its effects upon the heart of man and an ox goad that pricks, drives, and directs like oxen must be directed. The Shepherd uses the Word (goad) to prick our consciences, get our attention, drive us to repentance, and direct us to Christ for salvation.

When an ox was poked with a goad, its response was sometimes to kick out at it in resistance. Naturally, kicking back at the goad was futile, not to mention painful. Jesus used this as an analogy when He confronted Saul on the Damascus Road (Acts 26:14). Jesus asked Saul why he was persecuting Him and reminded him that, just as an ox that kicks against the pricking of the goad can hurt itself, Saul’s continued resistance to the gospel would only result in danger to himself. Saul wisely submitted to the goad and yielded himself to Christ.     Read more: How often have we read in Ephesians 4 about God giving gifts to men? These gifts are men and women that the Lord has given to us for equipping, perfecting, building up, till we all attain the unity of the faith, the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. The Lord does not want us to remain as children, but wants us to mature and be all that He has destined us to be. We are familiar with these scriptures...but, are we truly embracing the function and process through the person (His gift to us) that He has chosen to assist in perfecting us? As children grow, there are times that they think they have attained maturity and at times they will act as if they know it all. They will believe they have got it all together and they have no need of you as a parent (which is never the case). Well it is the same with us spiritually. We may think we have attained maturity, but God is the one to make that determination. If we buck against those who He sends into our life to "help us"...we are kicking against the goad and the more we kick...the more uncomfortable it is. We must learn to yield to the process, when we do...the process goes much faster. We simply cannot have "our way" and inherit the kingdom of God. I am not talking about the Kingdom in Heaven, I am talking about inheriting all the Lord has for us here, walking in the fullness of the Kingdom (ruling from within us) while upon this earth. As an Assayer I can see things that are misaligned, off-kilter, missing, in error, immature and demonic in people's lives. If there is sin, I can see it. Often God will use me to bring back to someone's remembrance something He already told them...usually something that is hindering the person from progressing. Next thing you know the issue is in your face again. Why? Because of love!! The Lord is trying to get you to see that there is something that needs to be addressed and it is absolutely crucial that you deal with it. The Lord will always address you first. It's easier just to repent than to resist and have Him send someone to "poke or prod you" which is often uncomfortable. So...would you rather endure a poke here and there and fulfill the destiny that God has for you....or forfeit the promises of God? The decision is yours. Just one more thing, if you decide to remain in your sin, don't get angry with the "gift" God sent you. If possible, thank them, their motive was purely out of love for you, even if you decide not to receive it. And honestly, their intention is not to mke you feel uncomfortable or irritate you on purpose. They just speak what the Lord puts in thier mouth and it is the Spirit behind it that "pokes" us. Sometimes the situation is critical and someone's salvation is at stake.

For those who choose to repent or turn their attention to the matter, you have just completely delighted the heart of your "gift" and have encouraged them to keep doing the work that is so precious to their heart....which is seeing you attain all that God has for you. Blessings and Shalom... Zanild Tsadak Kohein

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