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Pushed Back & Forsaken

Updated: Jan 30

I have had to seriously battle anger and not let it overcome me. I have never seen such twisted scripture and misunderstanding of the Kingdom of Heaven. The twisted Gospel of Jesus Christ coming out the mouths of rising leaders has provoked the anger of the Lord in me like never before! At times it has felt like my chest was on fire and going to explode. 

My reprieve?....letting it out! So hear it is.

Nowhere in scripture did Jesus ever limit access to His anointing or His teachings. DID YOU HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID?? JESUS NEVER LIMITED ACCESS TO HIS TEACHINGS OR HIS POWER.

Those of you who are selling God given revelations and teachings, giftings and anointings through books, CD's, Mp3's, you need to think again. Jesus did not give you revelations and gifts to make a profit and hoard so that you could build "YOUR ministry", He did not give you His word through revelations to take care of "YOUR family" only.

Jesus never gave you gifts for you to limit or hinder people's access to God's word.

It is the Lord's word, His revelation of His word to you, and His anointing through you! T

These gifts are not for you, they are for others!

Do you realize that not everyone has money? I WILL REPEAT...NOT EVERYONE HAS MONEY!!!

So many of today's leaders are preaching a gospel that is ALL about money. It is absolutely disgusting and the Lord is grieved!! The Gospel that is being preached by many leaders is backwards!

Desperately hurting and hungry people are pushed to the back and forsaken because they cannot pay an entrance fee to your so called God ordained conference? Do you have any clue the tears that are coming before the Father by those that are hurting and hungry and desperate for deliverance from demons, desperate for God's presence, desperate for teaching and instruction in righteousness, but don't have money?

Stop twisting and blame shifting and telling the people they don't have faith if they don't believe God to provide the money to come to your event. You are the leader, you are the one who is supposed to believe God to provide. Stop accusing others for YOUR lack of faith.

You boldly offer the hungry and hurting the good news of Jesus Christ, you proclaim and promise the people that God gave you the answers, you promise them the anointing and power of Jesus Christ, then rip it out of their mouth at the last minute by putting a condition on receiving it!

You provoke them to come and feast on Christ's anointing, even make them feel guilty, then at the last minute you yank the food out of their mouth by charging $39.95 for the answer that is in your book? God have mercy on your soul!!

Obviously you have no idea what you are doing, if you did you would NEVER limit access to someone's freedom from demons or maturity in Christ. The freedom that Jesus died on the cross to freely give to all. I decree to you this day that the anger of the Lord is kindled against you!! YOU NEED TO REPENT!!

Whose gospel is it that you are spreading? I declare to you this day....it is NOT the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!! You need to get on your face and repent for your selfishness and arrogance, AND...Those of you so called leaders in the church that think that the people are supposed to support you...you are clearly not reading scripture and you are void of hearing the very heart of the Lord. I declare to you this day that you do not know Him.

Since when are children supposed to support the parents? The parents are to care for the children (2 Cor 12:14) and teach them to lay down their lives for one another. There is no lack in the Kingdom of Heaven and yet there is lack among you. This is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! Those of you shepherds that are feeding yourselves and neglecting God's people....repent or God will remove you!!

Every church that I have personally witnessed the Lord bringing a warning like this over the past 35 years, those that did not repent, no longer exist as churches today!! God has removed their candlestick. He has removed their public witness. I know this, because I was the one God sent to bring the warning.

The Lord is grieved immensely because His leaders are feeding themselves first and not His people and the current rising leaders are teaching the same. There are sheep crying out to the Lord for help right within the churches and the leaders are neglecting them. This is not the example Jesus walked in and taught us, this is not the example His first apostles taught us. They denied themselves to meet the needs of others first and there was NO LACK AMONG THEM. Acts 2 & 4

Above all that I have written, it boils down to this...

Don't just assume anything and think just because you are in "ministry" that you've got it all together...ASK HIM!! Without a first love relationship in place, His heart will not be heard accurately....and everything in an attempt to build His kingdom...will be done in vain and out of order.

Matthew 7:21-23, Mark 12:30, Rev 2:4,19, Acts 2:40-47, Acts 4:32-35, 2 Cor 12:14

By Zanild Tsadak Kohein

Ramah Ministries Int'l

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