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Money Hinders Access

November 25, 2015

Q: Why is it wrong to charge money for ANYTHING that has God's name attached to it?

A: Because the very use of money* hinders and limits access.

God NEVER limits or hinders our access to Him, His presence or His Word.

So the next time you get tempted to charge money for God's word or His anointing, whether it be on CD, a book, worship music, a revelation, a conference, etc. You better think again, because if you do, you are hindering the very presence of God, the power to gain freedom, the knowledge of God's word in people's lives limiting their spiritual growth.

It is the believers responsibility to seek out and minister (serve) those that are without, so that all needs are met. (Acts 2) Not for them to come to us and ask for a discount to receive the freedom that Jesus paid for and gave to us freely with His very life.

There is no greater love than a man that lays down His life...Gives all without reservation...prefers others before Himself.

We need to be continually be looking above to the Kingdom of Heaven as our example on how to live while on this earth. This is why Jesus that we could live in His Kingdom...Here on earth...AS IT IS in Heaven.

A monetary (money) system is not used in Heaven. Everyone shares with everyone else. All needs are met.

Blessings rain down when we GIVE without any expectation of receiving in return. This is true ministry, this is true Kingdom function. If you are a leader in the Body of Christ, you are a gift (Eph 4) to God's people. You do not have the right or authority to hinder God's gifts to His people.


Zanild Abarrane Tsadak-Kohein

Ramah Ministries Int'l

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