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God's plumb-line has been dropped, His leaders have been measured...and God's dividing sword has been drawn from the sheath. Watch as God wields His fiery sword of truth and separates the obedient leaders from those who have been caught in the sin of assumption...(assuming their ways in ministry have pleased the Lord, but have rejected God's correction the Lord sent through His prophets.)

Assumption is idolatry and disobedience as the sin of witchcraft. 1 Sam 15:22,23 If you think that God would not remove you from ministry and close the doors of your are wrong! Over the past 40 years I have seen it happen many times. Leaders that refused to listen to correction and warning given by a prophet that God sent to them...were removed from ministry and their churches no longer exist. God removed their lamp stand (their public witness) for disobedience. Rev 2:2-5

Vision & Word given 09/06/2021

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