The League of Apostolic Elders (LAE) consists of international leaders that have been proven by the Lord Jesus Christ and sent by Him to speak into church, business and government. These Christian Leaders have been comfirmed by the RMI leadership counsel and minister only "as led" by God's Spirit the "pure" word of the Lord bearing the very image and character of Jesus and His teachings; to bring wisdom and counsel into diverse areas as directed by the Lord.
This group of leaders have been chosen, seasoned and matured spiritually then sent by the Lord in His timing into regions to identify, teach, train, encourage and support pastors in their God ordained ministries; thereby creating a "living net" of leaders working together to receive a great harvest of souls. Some are already equipped, matured and functioning, some are in training. We assist local pastors in establishing local fellowships in regions, helping to identify and set in place local teams of ministry leaders as well as those with diverse gifts to work together to help and assist in the caring of God's people and proper functioning of Christ's body as the Lord intended.
We are a multi-functioning body with diverse gifts, each one precious in uniqueness bearing the image of Christ, yet to be "as one" in the unity of spirit, being led by God's Spirit, teaching "only" the teachings of Jesus and His Kingdom as He taught the first apostles. Remembering always that we as the "family of God"; looking and functioning as a "family", caring and sharing, laying down our lives for others before ourselves. By this love for one another, the world will know that we are truly following the teachings of Jesus Christ.  John 13:34,35
LAE Leaders continue to oversee local fellowships, pastors are never left alone, but held close in personal relationships for encouragement, safety and support. Ongoing face to face accountability is mandatory following Jesus example in His relationships with the first apostles: establishing "family bonding" in an effort to support and likewise prevent error and deception from infiltrating the body of believers. LAE Leaders are required to live a life of holiness and are continually held accountable by the Word of God (scripture) and a multitude of Godly counsel. Pr. 11:14, 15:22, 24:6

League of Apostolic Elders is not an organization, we never require a membership, dues, registration or application fees. We are a Kingdom Family that are one in heart and spirit, interconnecting to be held closely accountable in the fear of the Lord; seeking to bear the image and character of Jesus Christ and fulfill His command to make disciples bearing the same. That we might see His Kingdom come in and through His people on the earth, as it is in Heaven.

Daily, in the temple and from house to house, they did not cease to teach and preach Jesus Christ.
Acts 5:42