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Zanild Abarrane Tsadak-Kohein is the founder of Ramah Ministries In'tl and carries a mandate to bring understanding and clarity to God's leaders; teaching in practical detail the Lord's Kingdom purpose for His church and His people in this hour. As leaders in the body of Christ our life pursuit should be: to be conformed to the very image and likeness of Jesus, and teach others the same.


"For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined

to become conformed to the image of His Son."

Romans 8:29

Making Ready the Bride of Christ...

It is our responsibility as God's leaders to make ourselves ready

as His bride and provoke others to do likewise.


"...that He might present to Himself the church

in all her glory, having no spot or wrinkle or any such thing;

but that she would be holy and blameless."

Ephesians 5:27

Let us rejoice and celebrate and give Him the glory.

For the marriage of the Lamb has come,

and His bride has made herself ready.

Rev 19:7


Ministries & Community Outreach Vision

⦁    League of Apostolic Elders
⦁    Ramah Leaders Council
⦁    Elohai Conservatory of Worship
⦁    Family Fellowships
⦁    Worship Altars
⦁    Apostolic Training Centres (Bible Schools)
⦁    Simba's Pride Children's Refuge
⦁    Community Outreach Programs
⦁    Community Health Programs
⦁    Self Sufficiency Programs
⦁    Vocational Training - Young Adult Programs

League of Apostolic Elders
The League of Apostolic Elders (LAE) consists of international leaders that have been proven by the Lord Jesus Christ and apostolos (sent) by Him to oversee and speak into church, business and government. These Christian Leaders have been trained by the Lord to minister by His Spirit the "pure" word of the Lord and bear the very image and character of Jesus and His teachings; to bring prophetic wisdom and counsel into diverse areas as directed by the Lord.  These leaders assist local pastors in establishing local fellowships in regions, helping to identify and set in place local teams of pastors, apostles, prophets, evangelists and teachers, as well as those with diverse giftings to work together to help and assist in the caring of God's people and proper functioning of Christ's body as the Lord originally intended.   Pr. 11:14, 15:22, 24:6  Read more...
Ramah Leaders Council
The mission and purpose of Ramah Leader's Council (RLC) is to connect and gather God's leaders in the local regions of nations; creating a "living net" through His leaders prepared and ready to receive a great harvest of souls into the Kingdom. God is making significant changes to the way we have been "doing" church. We need to understand what God is saying prophetically to us through His prophets. Amos 3:7 We must have "understanding, clarity of vision and a detailed strategy" regarding the times we are living in and become completely dependent on being led the Holy Spirit in all things. Regional leaders organize local meetings for pastors to receive personal ministry, attend leader's conferences, prophetic presbyteries and private leader's retreats.  Read more...
Elohai Conservatory of Worship
At Elohai Conservatory of Worship we have a mandate to make ready the dwelling place of the Lord in and among God's people.  We teach Zadok Revelatory Worship which is a Zadok priestly standard of worship that is "sacred, holy and set-apart" by distinction and virtue. When we understand worship that is pleasing (in truth) to the Father; through knowledge, understanding, wisdom, counsel, fortitude, piety, and the fear of the Lord, we can expect and unprecedented and unparalleled move of God's Spirit among us. 1 Chron. 5:13,14  Students who have learned this high standard of worship and have been trained to not to hinder or quench God's Spirit, are sent to minister in local Worship Altars.  Read more...

Family Fellowships
We teach and train local pastors to care for those in their immediate sphere of influence by keeping a "family ministry" mentality. Family structure must be a reality, not just an unrealistic hope. Taking the responsibility of going out among the people house to house and meeting the needs of the believers first. It is through loving and caring for one another that the unsaved will know we are true followers of Jesus and want to be saved. John 13:35 At RMI we teach leaders that ministry is "one on one" teaching "moment by moment" in direct relationships as Jesus taught the disciples and the Spirit leads. Not only once a week in large gatherings where needs go unseen and unmet. We must leave the  ninety-nine and go after the "one" not wait for them to come to us. As the first apostles followed the teachings of Jesus in Acts, all the needs of the people were met, there was "no lack among them".   We believe the blessings and favor of God will follow as they did in Acts when we return to the teachings of Jesus. Acts 4:32-35  Acts 5:42
Worship Altars
Worship Altars are all about Worship! A Worship Altar is an open "set-apart" community center that is dedicated solely for solemn assemblies of worship. A Worship Altar is free from all distractions, hindrances and agendas interrupting worship. The Altar does not have church services. Gatherings of believers for teaching and fellowship are at a seperate time and place. Students of Elohai Conservatory of Worship minister in local altars so people can experience the Holiness of God's presence without distraction where God's Spirit is not hindered or quenched thereby creating a habitation for the Lord's Holy presence in and among His people. Hab 2:14  Read more...
Apostolic Training Centres (Bible Schools)
Teaching begins centered on the life of Jesus, what He taught the first apostles and how His teachings still apply to the currrent day church (ekklesia). Scriptural standards for the maturity of the believer's character being transformed into the image of Christ, and servant leadership (preferring others) is emphasized; as well as strict adherence to the Bible as the full counsel of God.  2 Tim 3:16, Acts 20:27  Note: More BIble classes to be added, including the teaching of English.
Simba's Pride Children's Refuge
We work with local village leaders to locate and care for abandoned and fatherless children, creating a local children's home and family for them. We believe children should be raised in families, and not institutions. Read more and see photos of our Kyela Home....
Community Outreach Programs
An outreach ministry to the village or community to feed and clothe those in need. Daily hot food is also available through a local home kitchen or commissary.
Community Health Programs
Nutritional Counseling, Preventative Healthcare, Public Health & Safety, STD Prevention, Prenatal, Childbirth & Post Natal care.
Self-Sufficiency Programs
Agricultural Programs for local villagers: Raising of Beef Cattle (meat), Chickens (meat and eggs), Goats (milk), Vegetable Garden; and growing and cultivating of Moringa Trees for supplemental nutrition.
Vocational Training - Young Adult Programs

Vocational and career assessments, instruction in applying for employment, job retention, and preparation for higher education.

For more information or to become involved in any of the areas of ministry,
please go to our website or contact Zanild at ramahministry@gmail.com

Ramah Ministries Int'l USA|Africa

Our prayer is that you would come to know God as the wonderful loving father that He truly is. That living in His presence and pleasing Him would become the driving force of your existence. Knowing that your relationship with Him, is the very foundation He desires His church to be built upon. We pray your utmost pleasure, would be Him.
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